Fast and Effective Full Grease Trap Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

Grease traps are essential and one of the most common plumbing components in food establishments. This device prevents fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the plumbing system and causing blockages and sewer backups. There’s a long history of this grease management device which has been used widely since the 1880s all over the state California, USA for its tremendous contribution to restaurant kitchen sanitation. However, grease traps often fail to perform their duty due to different issues over time. A full grease trap or overflow is one of those problems which can create health and safety hazards, and damage the plumbing system. And according to the Grease trap regulations, such issues may also result in fines and legal penalties for noncompliance.

Let’s explore some of the causes and signs of full grease traps and grease trap overflowing, and their negative impacts on commercial kitchens. Follow our tips and strategies to prevent such situations and what to do in the event of an overflow to keep your kitchen running smoothly and safely.

Full Grease Trap, Grease Trap Overflows
Overflows caused by a Full Grease Trap

Causes behind full Grease Traps and Overflows

There are several causes of full grease traps and overflows in commercial kitchens. The most common cause is poor maintenance and cleaning practices.

Grease traps are complex instruments that require regular cleaning and maintenance to function correctly. When grease and other substances build up in the trap, they can create a blockage that prevents the trap from behvae accordingly. Over time, this buildup can cause full grease trap and overflows.

Another cause of full grease traps and overflows is the overuse of the kitchen’s plumbing system. When a commercial kitchens generates too much wastewater, more than the capability of its grease trap, the device may not be able to keep up with the volume of FOG entering its facility. This can cause a grease trap to fail and become overwhelmed.

Pouring inappropriate substances in the kitchen sink can also cause full grease traps and overflows. FOG is not the only substance that can cause a grease trap to become clogged. Other substances like coffee grounds, food particles, and cleaning chemicals can also contribute to blockages and cause the device to become full.

It’s important to note that the size of the grease trap can also impact its ability to function perfectly. If the grease trap is too small for the volume of FOG, it may fill up more quickly and overflow more frequently.

Dealing with a full grease trap or overflow?

We’ve already discussed how “a full grease trap” can cause devastating damage to a food business. This problem should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent further damage and health hazards. Follow our step by step guide to get yourself out of such messy situation :

Shut down the kitchen

It may sound bad but the first thing you should do after spotting a full grease trap is to shut down the kitchen to prevent further buildup of grease and oil. This will also prevent unpleasant odors from spreading throughout the restaurant.

Hire a professional grease trap cleaning service

Grease traps are complicated plumbing instruments with several components and require the attention of a professional grease trap expert. Remember, restaurant grease trap cleaning is not a DIY project but you might break a part or two while trying. Contact a professional and licensed grease trap cleaning service as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the plumbing system and avoid health hazards.

Inspection and assessment

Before jumping to any conclusion, a professional grease trap expert company will always ensure they know what’s going on with your device. They will perform a video inspection and assessment of the grease trap to determine the level of buildup and damage. It will help determine the best course of action and you’ll get a clear estimation of the cost of the cleaning and maintenance services.

Pumping and cleaning of the grease trap

Once the assessment is complete, the cleaning service will do grease trap pumping and cleaning. This step involves removing the grease buildup and other food particles from the grease trap using specialized equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. The cleaning service will also ensure that the grease trap is functioning and provide you with a detailed manifest report of the operation.

Preventative Grease Trap Maintenance Plan

It is essential for a restaurant owner to establish a preventative grease trap maintenance plan. This includes a schedule for regular inspections, cleaning, and repair. Hiring a professional to resolve a full grease trap or overflow can be costly and time-consuming, but nothings more important than the health and safety of yourself, the restaurant staff and customers. And a preventative grease trap maintenance plan can make the process much easier and cost-effective. Are you wondering how to establish such a plan? Not to worries!

GreasyMikes here to help you

If you need assistance with restaurant grease trap cleaning, full grease trap, sewer backups, overflows, GreasyMikes (by the Grease Company) is here to help you. As an expert plumbing company based in Southern California, we specialize in serving commercial kitchens. Our team of grease trap experts is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and equipped with the latest grease technology to deliver effective grease management services at an affordable price.

At GreasyMikes, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and functional grease trap, and we are committed to helping our customers prevent the negative consequences of a full grease trap. That’s why we offer 24/7 availability, so you can count on us to respond promptly and efficiently to your grease trap cleaning needs.

Our services include thorough inspections and assessments, pumping and cleaning of the grease trap, and establishing a maintenance plan for future prevention. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

Don’t let a full grease trap become a costly and hazardous problem for your business. Contact us today to schedule a professional grease trap cleaning service.

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