Are you a restaurant owner looking for a sustainable way to dispose of your used cooking oil or yellow grease? Look no further than Greasy Mikes used cooking oil collection and recycling service.

We offer a reliable and eco-friendly solution to handle your waste cooking oil disposal needs. Our team of dedicated restaurant cooking oil collection experts are experienced in handling toxic contents such as UCO. Our commitment is to help food establishments in reducing the environmental impact of their restaurant’s operations. 

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Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling for Commercial Kitchens

The abundant production of used cooking oil in commercial kitchens poses a great challenge to the establishments. Especially to those, which are always busy preparing food for its hundreds of hungry customers all day long. Proper disposal of this waste product is a highly significant task to restaurant owners. Because used fryer oil contains harmful toxins that can adversely impact human health and negatively affect the environment, if improperly discarded. 

The way you get rid of your used vegetable oil and grease can affect how your business operates internally. These may also influence the way in which your customers perceive your environmental responsibility. 

In light of this, it is essential to seek the services of professional cooking oil recycling experts. Make sure that the company you choose has license and enough experience to manage your used cooking oil problem effectively.

Greasy Mikes is a reputable company that offers comprehensive and reliable grease collection and recycling services. Our reliable grease collection services are available in various cities across Southern California. Our goal is to convert your used fryer oil, expired food-grade waste cooking oil, and yellow grease into valuable resources such as biodiesel.

Advantages of recycling used cooking oil

Cooking oil that was used in highly heated cooking or expired is harmful to both human health and the environment. Used cooking oil collection and recycling is an eco-friendly practice that provides numerous benefits for public health and the economy. The most significant is the reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfills, which helps to reduce carbon footprint and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 

If we can collect and recycle deep fryer oil and yellow grease correctly, we can convert them into valuable resources. Biodiesel is one of those products that we can transform used fryer oil into. It is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based fuel.

In addition, used cooking oil collection and recycling benefits food establishments by preventing blockages in pipes and sewage systems, reducing the likelihood of harmful spills and leaks. This practice can save food establishments a significant amount of money by preventing costly plumbing repairs.

Want to know more about the benefits of recycling used cooking oil?

Used Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling

GO GREEN with Greasy Mikes

On this very day, our beloved planet is facing a major challenge in waste management which poses a great threat to the development of our future generations. One of the most common types of toxic waste that households and commercial kitchens generate is used cooking oil. As you’ve already learned, this waste can be harmful to the environment if not handled properly. Toxic waste cooking oil can ruin our landfills, and natural water sources. Therefore, dumping your used fryer oil, expired food grade oil and yellow grease in random places strictly prohibited and is considered as a violation of law.

However, there is a solution that not only helps reduce waste but also promotes sustainability. This solution is recycling used cooking oil and that is exactly what we, the Greasy Mikes help food businesses with!

How Grease Collection Companies work

Cooking oils are essential elements in restaurants and other food service establishments such as cafeterias, shopping mall food courts etc. Businesses under the food & beverage industry use various types of cooking oil to prepare their dishes including vegetable (soyabean), peanut, canola, olive, palm and sunflower. As a result, these establishments produce gallons of waste fryer oil as a byproduct which may become a headache for restaurant owners as used deep fryer oils, expired food grade cooking oils and yellow grease are rated as toxic waste and it is obligatory to recycle these oils properly. 

California Department of Food & Agriculture requires food establishments to hand over their waste cooking oil to a licensed used cooking oil collector (also known as Inedible Kitchen Grease Hauler). Proper disposal of grease is crucial to prevent damage to drain pipes and sewage pipelines. So, it is best for Restaurant owners to have a partnership with a professional and licensed grease collection company to comply with city waste and disposal regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations can lead to significant fines and penalties. 

Grease collection companies such as Greasy Mikes are here to assist you in resolving your greasy problem for FREE. After you call us, we shall visit your establishment and calculate the frequency of collection services based on a few criteria such as the bin size and the volume of oil used in a month. If you do not already have a used oil collection storage container installed, we shall assess the restaurant’s requirements and provide a storage bin free of cost that may fit your needs. Afterwards, we shall establish a regular grease collection schedule, and pick up your used cooking oil exactly on time.


Used cooking oils, yellow grease, and expired food grade cooking oils are major concerns both for the establishments drain pipes and sewage pipelines, and for mother nature. The problem must be dealt with properly in order to avoid damage to plumbing systems, therefore to keep the commercial kitchen running. Also, to ensure a better healthy environment for the future generations. It is important for restaurant owners to establish a working relationship with a grease collection company to ensure compliance with city waste and disposal requirements. If you’re a restaurant owner in Southern California, and looking for reliable used cooking oil collection companies near me, call Greasy Mikes today. Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to help you out on your greasy problem.

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